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A Breakthrough Has Been Made Progressively In the Establishment of Scientific Research Platforms at or Above the Provincial Level in Our University

2018-05-22  Click:[]

A few days ago, our school received the"Decision on Identifying the Fifth groups of Social Sciences Popularization Bases in Hunan Province" from Social Science Popularization & Publicity Committee of Hunan Province (Hunan Social Science Popularity No. [2016] No. 7). The “Huxiang Traditional Art Research Base” of our university has been officially recognized as the fifth Hunan social science popularization base. This is the first time our university has obtained a provincial-level social science popularization base platform for project establishment.

In the mean time, the school received a letter from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hunan Province,  which called "Permission to Build a Provincial Science& Technology Integrated Double-Innovation Platform and Barrier-Free Construction Supporting Unit" (Xiang Jian Ke Han [2016] No. 411). ) The applications for "Hunan Provincial Science &Technology Integrated Platform" and the "Hunan barrier-free construction support unit have been approved officially. The preliminary stage will take three years (January 2017- December 2019).  The school also received documents from  Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission. The “Hunan Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory” declared by our university has also been approved for construction and provided with funding and policy support.

At this point, our school has won a total of six key laboratories including the Dark Tea Golden Flower Fungus Hunan Provincial Key

Laboratory and the Creative Space (the third batch of space created by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the first batch of public space in Hunan Province).

The establishment of six provincial-level scientific research platforms such as Huxiang’s traditional arts and social science popularization base was achieved through the cordial attention and active enthusiasm of the school party committee’s administration. It has given full play to science and technology in gathering resources, serving the society, connecting supply and demand, and factors. The role of transit window to promote the construction and development of school disciplines and enhance the core competitiveness of schools will certainly have a significant impact and role. (Science and Technology Department/Subject Construction   Office)