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Two academic papers in our school were selected as "ESI Highly Cited Papers"

2018-05-22  Click:[]

Recently, the ESI database released the latest international papers statistics, two academic papers published by Yang Gelan and Yang Zhenhang in 2016 in our university were selected as "highly cited ESI papers". They are the articles which take Hunan City University as the first complete unit and the author themselves as the first author.

ESI is the abbreviation of Essential Science Indicators (basic scientific index). It is a basic tool that was introduced in 2001 by Thomson Reuters, a world-famous academic information publishing company, to measure scientific research performance and track the. It is a basic analysis and evaluation tool, which is introduced by the world's famous academic information publishing agency, Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) in 2001 to measure scientific research performance and track the scientific development trends. ESI Highly cited Papers refer to the papers published in the past 10 years and cited among the top 1% of the corresponding subject fields of the world. Nowadays, ESI highly cited papers and hot papers have become one of the most important indicators to measure the academic influence of the university, and have also become an important indicator to support the construction of the first—class disciplines in universities. (By Liu Min)


ESI Highly Cited Paper Published in 2016


Serial Number  Title of Papers  First Author  First Author Affiliation  Periodicals Published


Automated classification of brain   images using wavelet-energy and biogeography-based optimization

Yang Gelan

Hunan City   University



Accurate approximations for the   complete elliptic integral of the second kind

Yang Zhenhang

Hunan City University