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Chinese Education Newspaper:The Ideological and Political Class at the Martyr's Tomb.

2018-05-18  Click:[]

Headline on the front page of China Education Newspaper reports Hunan City University on April 6th

On the eve of tomb-sweeping day, in the morning , a group of college students present flowers with devotion and bow deeply, swearing on oath seriously in front of the tomb of revolutionary martyr Zeng Shie and “Righteous among the Nations” He Fengshan in Hui Longshan Park,Yiyang, Hunan Province.

“Please let me make a pledge to revolutionary predecessors, I will endeavor to study scientific and cultural knowledge and inherit voluntarily national excellent tradition. Moreover, I will put socialist core value into effect and make my own contributions to realizing the Chinese dream of Chinese national grate renewal! ”Yi Jinming, a fresh man from Hunan City University said.