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Growing up, Walking with You

2018-05-18  Click:[]

Volunteers in our school go to Ziyang Distrct to carry out volunteer teaching activities.

Volunteers are guiding the students to read English.(Photo by Xu Niping)

“Teacher, what does this word mean?”, “How do you say yiqian in English?”, in English class, a lot of questions pop out of the students’ mouths one by one, getting the volunteers’ patient explanation.

On the afternoon of March 22nd, the volunteer teaching team led by the Youth Volunteer Service Center of our school carried out the first teaching activities in grade six of Shengli Primary School in Ziyang District.

The teaching activity focused on expanding the extracurricular knowledge and cultivating interest,with 25 volunteers composing of a volunteer teaching team, which set up basic English teaching in accordance with the needs of each class, learning to sing English songs, hand-making, art teaching, and safe and inspirational education lectures and so on.

During the teaching process, the volunteers patiently explained and tutored the students.

In order to stimulate students’ interest in learning, volunteers also played interactive games with students and took out candy and small gifts as rewards. In the art class, students also took photos of their favorite paintings with volunteers.

It’s known that our school’s volunteer teaching team will continue to carry out monthly long-term support activities for Shengli Primary School in Ziyang District.