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The First Meeting of the Board of Advisors of the Confucius Institute Was Held at University of Cape Coast.

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Conference Scene

Conference Scene


Group Photo

On the afternoon of June 2, 2016, the first annual meeting of the Board of Advisors was held in the conference room of the Faculty of Arts of University of Cape Coast. The attendees of the meeting were: Chairman of the Board Prof. S.Kendi, China Chairman Prof. Li Jianqi, and the other members: Prof. Rosemond Boohene, Mr.Anthony Acquah, Prof. Yuan Zhicheng, and Ms.Zhou Guiping. The Board member Prof. Dora F.Edu-Buandoh was absent with permission because of another meeting in Accra. The Ghanaian and Chinese Confucius Institute directors also attended the meeting.

 The meeting was presided by Ghanaian Chairman-Prof. S.Kendi. The Draft Development Plan of the Confucius Institute and related Confucius Institute Rules and Regulations were discussed at the meeting.

The President of Hunan City University(HCU), as the China Chairman of the Board, put forward some suggestions related to the Confucius Institute construction: Both University of Cape Coast and Hunan City University(HCU) should strictly implement the relevant agreements including the agreement between UCC and the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and the agreement between UCC and HCU, with special emphasis on the rigorous performance (full implementation) of respective duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the agreements. He noted particularly that in financial management, the Confucius Institute should strictly carry out Regulation for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds with fund for exclusive use(not use for other purpose)for a guarantee of the use efficiency.

Subsequently, the Draft 2016-2020 Confucius Institute Development Plan and related rules and regulations on the Confucius Institute Construction were discussed at the meeting.

The meeting agreed with the projection that the Confucius Institute students enrollment could be extended from the current 300 to 2500. University of Cape Coast can officially include the Chinese language learning program in its course catalog as an elective or compulsory credit option. With the collaboration of Hunan City University, UCC will formally establish a Chinese Language Section to recruit undergraduate students for a 4-year study toward the Bachelor degree program. This could be a partnership program between the Confucius Institute and the Faculty of Arts.

The meeting also considered different approaches to setting up multi-level Chinese language classes. First, to set up “General Interest Classes” for anyone who is interested in Chinese learning in and outside of Cape Coast; secondly, to set up “Credit-Earning Classes” for UCC students who can gain credit for joining and passing the exams; thirdly, to provide Chinese language teaching to the local governmental or institutional personnel; fourthly, to set up Confucius Classrooms at the Junior or Senior high schools in and around Cape Coast and to send teachers or volunteers to teach Chinese there. In addition, the meeting discussed the training of local teachers and the setting up of the test center for Chinese Language proficiency like HSK, YCT and BCT.

The meeting ended with a broad consensus on student exchange: the Confucius Institute of University of Cape Coast could be the internship base for HCU students of International Chinese Education majors and students of Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages; and that UCC students of Chinese language and culture may be sponsored to continue their studies at HCU. (by Junfeng)