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The Confucius Institute of Our University and the University of Ghana Has Attracted Extensive Media Attention.

2018-05-22  Click:[]

The website of the state council information office


Foreign ministry website  


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The China Daily


China Education News Network.


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On the morning of June 2, the Confucius Institute jointly established by Hunan City University and the University of Cape Coast was officially inaugurated in Ghana. It is also the first time for the second-batch universities to set up Confucius institutes abroad, which have been widely concerned by the Chinese central media, Hunan provincial media and the local media in Ghana.


More than 20 sites and the media carried on the special report or reproduced, such as The State Council Information Office Site, The Foreign Ministry Website, Hanban Website, Xinhua Net Africa, China's Overseas Chinese Network, China Daily, China News, China Education News Network, The Window of the Chinese Universities, China Construction News, Website of Education Department of Hunan Province, Hunan Satellite TV, Sanxiang metropolis daily, Hunan Education news, Yiyang City Television Station, Yiyang daily, Ghana Chinese BBS etc.


The Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast is the first Confucius Institute hosted by Hunan City University and it is also the first Confucius Institute hosted by the second-batch universities in Hunan Province. The foundation of the Confucius institute will provide a better platform for spreading Chinese language and culture, promoting scientific research, industry-university-institute cooperation and intercollegiate exchange.