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Hunan City University and University of Cape Coast of Ghana Signed an Agreement on Overseas Practice Base

2018-05-22  Click:[]


The Site of the Ceremony


Li Jianqi and Mr.Cooper Signing the Agreement


Taking Pictures


Visiting the School of Literature and Journalism


On the morning of June 22nd, Hunan City University and University of Cape Coast of Ghana signed an agreement on overseas practice base in the Conference Room I of our office building. Attendance included: Mr.Cooper, President of University of Cape Coast, and his wife Alfretina cooper.; Rose·Bohen,Director of International Affairs; Kwopo oberkuajman., President of the Ghana’s side of Confucius Institute; Luo Chengyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan City University; Li Jianqi, President of Hunan City University; Liu Huihuang, Vice President of Hunan City University, and the heads of the relevant departments and the representatives of the foreign students of Hunan City University.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Li Jianqi. He, on behalf of Hunan City University, first welcomed the delegation of University of Cape Coast and then introduced the members of the delegation. Liu Huihuang introduced the representatives of Hunan City University at the ceremony.

Luo Chengyi also delivered a welcome speech. He briefly reviewed the exchanges and cooperation between the two schools since the signing of the cooperation agreement in 2008. He said that, thanks to the joint efforts, the unveiling ceremony of the Confucius Institute of University of Cape Coast had been successfully held in June this year with continuous rising enthusiasm of students from the University to learn Chinese. The cooperation between the two schools,especially the opening of the Chinese language course in University of Cape Coast had greatly promoted the educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Ghana and China, which had contributed to the mutual understanding of the Ghanaian and the Chinese as well as the multicultural development of the world.

Luo Chengyi said with deep affection that the two schools should explore the cooperation on the base of the Institute, which represents Chinese culture, to make closer contacts, higher level cooperation and transoceanic friendship to achieve a better future with peace and development.

Mr.Cooper expressed his heartfelt thanks to Hunan City University for its warm reception. He said it was a great honor that Hunan City University had chosen University of Cape Coast to start a Confucius Institute. The cooperation and exchanges between the two sides have deepened the friendship with each other. He said he would like to be the first student at the Confucius Institute, where more than 300 people are currently taking Chinese as an elective at University of Cape Coast. He hopes that the two sides can learn each other's language and culture, and expand the field of cooperation in order to not only run the Confucius Institute together, but also strengthen the exchanges between teachers and students of both sides.

Mr.oberkuajman. introduced the current situation of the construction of Confucius Institute. Yuan Zhicheng, the dean of the School of Literature and Journalism introduced the current progress and the requirements for the construction of the overseas practice base.

Subsequently, the two sides signed the "The Contract for the Construction of Overseas Practice Base of the School of Literature and Journalism of Hunan City University" and exchanged gifts.

After the ceremony, the delegation visited the Culture Wall of the Scripture of Ethics, the Library and the School of Literature and Journalism in Hunan City University. (By Wenyanbo)