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Australian Water Environment Expert Tony Weber Visited HNCU

2018-05-22  Click:[]

Special Lecture on Sponge City Construction by Tony Weber



In the afternoon of June 30th, HNCU invited Tony Weber, Australia's water environment expert, to give a special academic lecture on " the Adoption of Australia’s Water-sensitive City Design and Case Study on China's Sponge City Construction ." Vice Presidents Zheng Weimin, Tan Xianliang, staff of College Industry Department, Yiyang Planning Bureau, Yiyang Housing and Construction Bureau, Yiyang Key Office, Planning Bureau of Nanyue District, Planning Bureau of Hanshou County, teachers and students from School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Civil Engineering, School of Municipal and Surveying, Chemistry and School of Environment attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Zheng Weimin.

Tony Weber is a Research Fellow at the Australian National University's Integrated Watershed Evaluation and Management Department and is one of the leading practitioners of the Australian Watershed Model and Water Quality Research, and a visiting scholar of the British Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. He has more than 28 years’ professional research experience in river basin models, water-sensitive city design, integrated water resources management, water quality, and rainwater management. He has worked with HNCU on national-level international cooperation project- On the Integration of Eco-village & Environmental Protection and Environmental Agriculture Key Technology in Dongting Lake Area and their Application " and other projects.

In the two-hour lecture, Professor Tony Weber focused on the application of Source software in watershed regulation and the application of Music software in LID low-impact or water-sensitive city design with detailed data and vivid examples. He introduced the methods and examples of urban rainwater dispersion management, and those of the urban drinking water rating management, etc.; he also answered questions and had in-depth discussions with participants on relevant technical issues.

In his summary, Zheng Weimin pointed out that the Institute of Planning and Architectural Design had set up a Sponge City Research Center and its research results had been applied to various national and provincial issues and projects such as the Yiyang Zishanhu Lake Ecological Park and the Yuedong Ecological Parking Lot of Nanyue District and had made great achievements. He hoped that through this academic lecture, he could enhance the interdisciplinary perspective and application level of HNCU’s sponge city research, transform the research results into more production projects, and improve product quality.

After the lecture, Zheng Weimin and Professor Tony Weber discussed and exchanged ideas on the projects currently being carried out by HNCU, such as the Yiyang Zishanhu Lake Ecological Park.